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US$620 per person.
Start: 9:30am.

The Mil Immersion experience is an invitation to pause and enjoy a change of pace; to see the world from another perspective. Enjoy a culinary proposal inspired by and aligned with the environment as you visit the local communities surrounding Mil and the Archeological Center of Moray, connecting through their customs and millenary traditions.

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3568 m asl

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Research center

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Fine dining

first stop

moray guide

Thanks to our proximity to the impressive Moray ruins, you will be able to appreciate a panoramic view of the Incan circular terraces as we explain the different hypotheses concerning their origin and function. Ceremonial center or agricultural laboratory. Despite the uncertainty of its purpose, what you will see in this archaeological site will leave you speechless.


second stop


We’ll begin with an introduction to the communities with whom we work our fields: Mullak’as-Misminay and Kacllaraccay. Observe the hundreds of cultivars that make Andean agriculture a magical and cultural activity. Converse with locals about their work and daily life in high altitude, listening to stories entwined in tradition and culture.

third stop

botanical route

As you traverse the hillsides surrounding Mil, become familiar with the variety of native plants that, since ancient times, have been used by locals for their nutritional and medicinal purposes, among others. Collect dye-yielding and aromatic plants as well as wildflowers and roots in the company of a local expert who will explain their benefits and uses.

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Fourth stop


Visit the inspiring space where the results of our collaborations with artists, collectors, producers and artisans are exhibited. Feast your eyes on the weavings of women-led collectives and their botanical dyeing workshop; touch the ceramics made from local clay; taste chocolate crafted with Chuncho, the native Cusqueñan cacao, and behold the vast collection of seeds of high-altitude cultivars.

fifth stop


A universe of drinks with a sense of place, prepared with ingredients that tell the story of their origins and customs. A line of liquids designed to continue immersed in the Andean world.
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Last stop


As a culmination of this rich and enlightening journey, you will arrive at your final destination: the gastronomic experience. Our tasting menu consists of 8 plates/ecosystems made with products found in the environment surrounding Mil. We guarantee this will be an unforgettable trip on its own.